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Dear Bride and Groom,


Congratulations on your engagement! All of us at Saint Ann Parish congratulate you and promise you our support and prayers. It is an honor to assist you in planning for and in celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony. If you have not already done so, please make an appointment to meet with our parish priests, by calling the rectory at 617-825-6180, at least six months prior to your wedding. In order to confirm a wedding date and time, it is necessary to meet with the priest first, to assure that you are ready and free to marry in the Catholic Church.

Please click on the link below to electronically complete the necessary background information.

St Ann Marriage meeting preparation form


St Brendan meeting preparation form


Once your freedom to marry has been determined, after your first meeting and completion of the preparation forms, your wedding date can be confirmed.The priest and parish pastoral staff will assist you as a couple during your time of marriage preparation. Most often you will participate in a certified marriage preparation program. You, as a couple, need to make arrangements with the priest for assistance in finding the best and most appropriate certified program for marriage preparation. You may check the Archdiocese of Boston's website to find the full listing by month of Marriage Preparation Programs (also known as Pre-Cana).Marriage Preparation Programs in the Boston Area.

There are many details that you and your betrothed are busy with; this is a special time of preparation and coordination. It is our hope that your parish can support you and invite you "as a couple" to prepare for marriage to grow in your relationship by praying together, especially by joining fully in the celebration of Sunday Mass. The priests here are also available to assist you in your preparation through conversation and prayer.I invite you individually to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, prior to your wedding day. This is a special gift that you can receive individually and to practice within the Sacrament of Marriage. The Sacrament will assist you to grow in your relationship and trust in the Lord

My greatest concern for the Church, your parish and as your priest is to support you in your preparation for this beautiful sacrament. Please allow us to help you in your preparation for your wedding day, and as your new lives begin. The Sacrament of Matrimony is joyful and meaningful – it is a holy vocation to which God calls you and in which God will help you to find happiness and fulfillment in a life of sacramental love.

The answers to some common questions, which we hope will assist you, are listed below. If there is anything that I or our staff can do to provide additional support or comfort, please contact us at the rectory or feel free to speak to me before or after any of the parish Masses.

Please know that you are in my prayers. I wish you every grace and blessing as you move forward to your wedding day. Asking Saint Ann, our patron, to intercede for you and those you love, may the Lord bless and protect you both.

What to bring for the first meeting?

A newly issued parish record of your Baptism and Confirmation must be requested and provided to complete the application form and for the necessary recording in our parish sacramental register. These are available at the parish location where you received your Baptism and Confirmation.You are required to go to your City or Town Hall and complete application for a wedding license and any and all civil requirements for the Commonwealth. This license must be given to the priest or deacon on or before the wedding rehearsal.Without it the wedding cannot take place.


Please click on the link below to fill out the Marriage meeting preparation form. This should be filled out before your first meeting with the Pastor.

Marriage meeting preparation form


Wedding Readings

For a wedding outside of Easter you may choose

- one reading from the Old Testament

- one reading from the New Testament

For a wedding during Easter you may choose

- two readings from the New Testament

The Psalm is typically sung by the cantor

The Gospel can only be read or proclaimed by a priest or a deacon at a wedding

Please click on the link below to view wedding appropriate Old and New Testament Readings, Psalms and Gospel Readings with commentaries.




 Sample Wedding Program Template

Wedding Program Template/


How do I Schedule a Wedding Rehearsal?


Each couple is assigned to one of our trained parish wedding coordinators. Either the coordinator or the rectory office will contact you to schedule and confirm a rehearsal. Your wedding rehearsal may be scheduled when you meet with the priest or by calling the parish secretary at the rectory. If for any reason your wedding plans change after a date has been scheduled, please notify Fr. Sean. The coordinator spends adequate time with each couple to assure that the sacramental format of the liturgy is explained, rehearsed and comfortable for you and your guests. The coordinator will contact you approximately one month prior to your wedding date and rehearsal. Please bring the following to the wedding rehearsal:The completed selection sheet for your ceremony, your Massachusetts marriage license and your parish donation and fees.

 Flowers and Carpet

Florists are typically accustomed to the set-up and delivery of flowers for your wedding. We are open to appropriate displays. When the Sacrament of Matrimony is celebrated during Advent and Lent please bear in mind the more simple character and simplicity of these seasons. During Christmas and Easter the church is decorated seasonally.Even so you may add particular appropriate additions with permission.Kindly ask your florist to make arrangements with the rectory for floral deliveries; please remind your florist that there is a 4:00PM Mass on Saturdays. Some couples are accustomed to leaving their flowers in the church following the wedding ceremony for the weekend Masses. (Your florist may contact the rectory for more detailed assistance.)The florists or your own wedding assistants can assist you in making arrangements for a carpet or runner. If you plan to have a runner, please note that the center aisle is 99 feet long. Please be mindful that the Church building is a sacred space.We ask you to make sure that your guests do not throw anything - including flowers, rice, birdseed, bubbles or confetti, either inside or outside of the church or grounds.

Photographer and Videographer

Please have your photographer and videographer check with the celebrant, the priest or deacon, prior to the start of the Mass or ceremony. Additional lighting is not needed and should be discouraged for your comfort, as well as that of your guests.

Candlelight Wedding

We are pleased to have available ten pew-candelabras that may be attached to the pews along the center aisle of the church. They are available for rent if you desire a candlelit wedding. Ask your wedding coordinator for more information.

Altar Servers

Saint Ann Parish has a dedicated team of altar servers. We normally assign two servers for your Mass or ceremony. If you have trained family members or friends they are welcome to serve with the approval of the officiating minister.Albs are available for visiting servers.


Music is an important part of our sacramental life. It is therefore, an important part of your wedding celebration. Saint Ann Parish is blessed to have a diverse staff of musicians, support persons and assistants. All music and sacramental music must be approved by the Pastor and Music Director. All music played at Mass must be appropriate church music. Although other personal music may have special meaning to you, these would be more appropriately used at the reception or other gathering times and places. Our Music Director will assist you in choosing your music and supporting and performing during the celebration. Under normal circumstances, the music director and parish cantors sing at all weddings.Sometimes couples have family members and friends who wish to share their talents. All guest musicians and/or cantors must be approved by the Pastor and Music Director. For questions or clarification, please contact the rectory. Mrs. McCourt can be reached through her email at or by telephone direct at 617-875-3247

Music for your wedding: Planning a Catholic Wedding by J. Michael McMahon

Fees and Donations

The sacraments are a free gift given to us by our Lord and His Church, as such there is no fee for a sacrament.It is customary, however, when celebrating a sacrament to make a free will offering to the Church and parish according to your means. This offering supports our pastoral work, including your pre-marital appointments and support.The parishes in this part of Boston ask for an offering of $1000.00.  If this amount is financially difficult, please feel free to speak with the Pastor. This donation is in addition to the fees that you reimburse us for, as described below.


The offering covers the following parish expenses and contracted services; music director-organist, cantor/soloist,  wedding coordinator, janitorial preparation and clean-up, for the two altar servers. This fee is required even if you provide your own and approved professionals.


Optional rental of the pew-candelabras is an additional $100.00; this includes the cost of the candles and set-up.

Revised September, 2011


Planning a Wedding: Ten Tips by Fr. Rick Hilgartner