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Congratulations!  As your parish family rejoices with you as you prepare for the celebration of your child's Baptism, please know that the whole parish of Saint Ann, in fact the whole Church, shares in your joy. 


The parish of Saint Ann along with your loved ones, promise you our prayers and assistance as you bring your child up in the ways of the faith.  Baptism begins the initiation into life in Christ.  In this light it is the single most important moment in the life of each Christian.


As your child grow in the riches of the Sacramental Life, especially at the Sunday Mass through the examination of the Sacred Scripture and prayer centered on the Eucharist, you will see charity and the Christian life are centered at the meeting place between God and His people. The process of Christian Initiation begins this journey into new life. Baptism is meant to be lived out throughout one's entire life - which involves a continual turning toward Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We take joy in knowing that the Catholic journey towards our loving God, is not a solitary one --- we live and move and rely on the community of faith --- as the People of God --- His Church, especially at the celebration of the Eucharist, Sunday Mass each week.  This is why we celebrate the Sacrament of baptism within the Sunday Liturgy each month. 


The Church teaches us "Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit, and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God; we become members of Christ and are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission..."(Catechism of the Catholic Church , #1213)


When an adult is preparing for baptism, they enter a rigorous period of instruction. In contrast, when a child is baptized, the Baptism precedes the instruction. In light of this, the Church requires that parents give the assurance that, upon the child's Baptism, the child will be given every benefit of Christian and Catholic upbringing. The primary responsibility of raising a child in the ways of faith rests with you the parent(s), you are their first teachers in what you say and in what you do. This obligation begins with presenting your child for Baptism and extends all the way into their adulthood. Our parish is happy and here to assist every parent in their role as primary educators of their children in the ways of faith.  We look forward to walking with you and your family.   If parents are not able to give this assurance or make this solemn commitment to the Church, they should consider delaying Baptism until they are prepared to make a serious commitment to undertake these responsibilities.


Some answers to common questions that parents often ask:


1.     Except in an emergency, the Rite of Baptism can only be celebrated in a Catholic church building.


2.     Each pastor of a Catholic parish baptizes the children of parents who are full time or part time residents (parishioners) of their parish.  (Please make sure you are registered in the parish. 


3.     Infants from outside the parish may be baptized at Saint Ann parish with the written permission of their home pastor. Parents are responsible to make arrangements for us to receive this letter one month before the Baptism. Parents may be asked to attend formation programs in their home parishes before permission is granted.


4.     The pastor will meet with each family to offer parent formation concerning the responsibilities of Christian/Catholic parenting. Parents will attend this formation at the parish office. Parents may find it convenient to attend this formation during the pregnancy. The meeting is scheduled at a time convenient for the family. 


5.     Catholic clergymen (in good standing with the Church) who are a family member or a friend are welcomed to celebrate an individual baptism ceremony at Saint Ann parish. Arrangements need to be made with the Pastor well in advance, your priest/deacon family member of friend.   They should know that they need to produce certification of their faculties. 


6.     Sponsors of baptism (Godparents) should be chosen by parents primarily to be good religious examples to their child and not because they want to bestow a family/social honor. Godparents will be asked to assist parents in teaching the child about the Christian faith and are required to provide an example of the Christian life. As representatives of the Christian community, Godparents give witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ, in word and example.  The pastor is responsible to make parents aware of the requirements concerning Godparents: 


a.    Only one male sponsor (Godfather) and one female sponsor (Godmother) can be chosen. 


b.    You only need one sponsor Godparent, He/She must be a practicing Catholic (which means that he/she must have been baptized, received their Confirmation and must be actively practicing their Catholic faith). (C) The birth mother and the father of a child are not permitted to serve as a Godparent. Grandparents are permitted. 


c.    Parents may choose one person (as a Christian Witness) that is person of another Christian faith, whom they determine will be a good example of Christian living for their child. (See Code of Canon Law, CC 872-874, Church law on requirements) for sponsorship. (Please discuss with Fr. Drea)


d.    Godparents who are not members of Saint Ann parish should obtain a "Sponsor Certificate" from their local parish priest. This certificate should be provided to the parish prior to scheduling the baptism.  Each parish carries a form “Sponsor Certificate.” 


7.     Many parents and godparents inquire about a donation to the Church on the occasion of a child's Baptism. There is no fee or stipend for the Sacraments.  Often families will make a donation in thanksgiving and for the good of the poor, an envelope is enclosed, donations are gratefully accepted.


Click on link below for other FAQ's

Baptism Frequently Asked Questions


Ordinarily, Baptisms are celebrated the Fourth Saturday of the month at 1pm. Parents must meet with a priest prior to Baptism.  Arrangements should be made with the Pastor by calling the parish office.  Kindly, call the parish office 617-436-0310, during business hours to assist you or complete your application process online by filling out the form below to begin the preparation process and to provide information concerning the child.


I hope that this is helpful for you and please be assured of my prayers for you and your family and thank you for bringing up your child(ren) in the faith.